sumo Namespace Reference

The namespace of the SUMO application. More...


class  LogMovementProcessor
 A processor that prints the position of its owning node into a log file. More...
class  LogMovementProcessorFactory
 The factory class for the LogMovementProcessor. More...
class  SumoNet
 Loads and represents a SUMO network. More...
class  SumoNodeMovementCreator
 Moves nodes based on a SUMO dump file. More...

Detailed Description

The namespace of the SUMO application.

The SUMO Application offers access to the files of the network simulator SUMO.

sumo::SumoNet parses a SUMO network file and offers its content to the simulation. It can also translate between world coordinates and edge-based coordinates.

sumo::SumoNodeMovementCreator parses a SUMO dump file, which contains the node movements. According to the dump file, it creates, moves and deletes the nodes in the simulation. To realise this, it implements a shawn::NodeMovementCreator.

For test purposes, it contains the sumo::LogMovementProcessor. This processor puts out the position of every node in a log file. This helps to verify that the application works correctly. The sumo::LogMovementProcessor resides in the folder log_movement_processor.

Usage in the Shawn configuration file:

 node_movement mode=sumo net_file=NET dump_file=DUMP processors=PROCESSOR

Activates this application.
The SUMO net file on which the SUMO dump file is based.
The SUMO dump file containing the node movements.
A list of processors that should be added to every created node.

You can test the application with the following Shawn configuration file:

 prepare_world edge_model=simple comm_model=disk_graph range=100
 node_movement mode=sumo net_file=NET dump_file=DUMP processors=log_movement

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